Lasting Partnerships

Our clients are savvy business owners spanning the real estate spectrum that remember the day that a deal was sealed with a handshake. They value genuine, lasting partnerships and quality, long-term investments that reap benefits for years to come.

Chapman Management Group serves as an investor resource to build asset value collaboratively with owners. Owners and investors alike choose us for our industry expertise, personalized service and the quality investments for which Chapman is renowned. Our commitment to our clients speaks for itself. Our average tenure with a client’s property is more than 10 years, with many surpassing 14 years.

To build your own personalized portfolio with Chapman, contact us at (520) 622-5544.

Local Experts

“In 1997, we made our first purchase of commercial real estate in Tucson, Arizona. As an out-of-town owner, it was paramount that we chose wisely when selecting the firms and individuals with whom we would conduct our business. In my opinion, the most critical decision we faced was the decision regarding our property management firm.

Buck Baccus
Cummings Baccus Interests